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Summary of preferable file server configurations

It is possible that I'm confused, and I really don't have time right now
to go taking the cover off to see what's going on.  But getting back to
the issue that brought this up - I didn't think the MacIvory would make
a very good file server, but I was being as optimistic as I could (and
perhaps a bit more!) about how it might be done.  It had been suggested
to me by Jim Kulp that faster Nubus disk interfaces can be had, but if
the memory configuration offers no opportunities to free up Nubus space,
then I guess it isn't possible to add a disk interface or anything else
without an expansion chassis.  And we're being told that expansion cards
don't work, so I guess it's pointless to speculate about how a MacIvory
might be configured to perform adequately as a file server or a software
development system.