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3640 Monitors

    Date: Mon, 17 Jul 89 11:39:46 MDT
    From:     thomasm@boulder.Colorado.EDU (Thomas Mastaglio)

    I had the "opportunity" yesterday to work on one of the
    3640's -- I think it was Renoir.  The monitors on those
    machines are awful!! Around the sides of the images they
    are very fuzzy and it is extremely hard to get a suitable
    combination of contrast and darkness to read them 
    comfortably.  Now perhaps these are just the complaints
    of a prespiopic middle ager but I would think that others
    who have to use them regularily would complain even more.
    I think we either need to put some pressure on our Symbolics
    maintenance folks to get them adjusted or repaired or 
    if this is not a possibility to consider spending some
    money to replace them.  I get better resolution and
    clarity from MS Windows running on my XT in CGA mode!!
    Do I remember some other comments on SLUG from other sites
    about monitor problems and maintenance about a month
    or so back??  


It sounds like you have the bad luck to have a monitor that is very
poorly setup. I have been using these monitors since 1983, and yes, they
do take some patient setup, and there is a trade-off between linearity,
focus, and covering the whole area of the screen. However, you should
get focus all across, and only the very very edges might have a slight
fudge to them. Under warrantly, certainly, what you describe deserves to
be fixed.

On the other hand your monitor may be taking its machine name rather