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If this regards old stuff, forgive a forgetful fool.

I saw an article about CLIM yesterday and was wondering how real this
beast could be?  Will it be out by year's end as the article suggested?
What will be out: specifications or actual development facilities?  Will
it require X, OpenLook, Motif, or whatever on the Symbolics?  If so,
who's going to develop real versions of those (assuming the stories I
hear about only half an X are true [server only; no heterogeneous
servers with Symbolics as client--or the other way {I get confused as to
whether the server runs the software and the client displays it (the way
I'm thinking) or the other way around}])?

I am extremely interested in CLIM.  It could save the day for my use of
Symbolics!  I'm running OpenLook on the Sun and would love to be able to
actually execute my code on the Symbolics (of course, after I re-write
it to use CLIM instead of C calls).