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Interviews/C++ for Symbolics?

    Date: Mon, 24 Jul 89 10:51:10 EST
    From:     grover@potomac.ads.com (Mark D. Grover)

    Is there a C++ compiler available for any Symbolics models?  Will
    Interviews (Stanford's X package) work under it?

    - MDG -
    Mark D. Grover (grover@Potomac.ADS.COM)				 703-243-1611
    Advanced Decision Systems          1500 Wilson Blvd #512; Arlington, VA 22209

I suggest you reach Liszt Programming, Inc., who know about the issues
of conversion and may be able to answer your qustions. Leave a message for
Andrew Ressler at (703)-683-3916. Tell 'em I sent ya.