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Clear Paging Files

    Date: Tue, 25 Jul 89 09:19 CDT
    From: dmitchell@backus.trc.amoco.com (Donald H. Mitchell)

    The documentation about adding paging files contains this section:

	   1After creating the new paging file, edit your boot file to2 1include the
0	   1Declare Paging-files command.2 1The new Boot.boot file2 1might look
0	   1something like this:

0		3Clear Machine
0		3Load Microcode >3640-mic.mic.389
0		3Declare Paging-files fep0:page page1
0		3Load World >Dist-7-0.load
0		3Clear Paging
0		3Set Chaos-Address 401 
0		3start

0I can't find this in my documentation.  I suspect you have an older
version than I do.  

You're right.  The Clear Paging line does not make sense here and is
probably a typo (perhaps for an Add Paging command?).  It's my
understanding that this boot file would make Lisp immediately halt,
since it has no paging files (Clear Paging removed them all!); so it's
*not* innocuous.  The point that's trying to be made by the example (I
assume) is that you added the new paging file page1 to the list of
declared paging files.
Also, the current recommendation is that "Declare ... " commands belong
in your hello.boot file, since they pertain to the configuration of the
machine, not the particular world load; similarly for the Set
Chaos-Address command.  The boot.boot file should contain only commands
that pertain to the particular world it is loading (e.g., clearing the
machine, loading the microcode (on 3600's), loading the world, perhaps
enabling/disabling IDS, and starting).

    The documentation for Clear Paging Files says:

	   1Clear Paging-files
0			   1Clears the list of remaining pages that2 1Lisp uses,
0			   1and clears the FEP's list of paging2 1files added by the
0			   1Add Paging-file command.2 1This command does not
0			   1clear2 1the list of declared paging files (declared by
0			   1the Declare2 1Paging-Files command or the Declare
0			   1More Paging-files command).2 1To clear the list of
0			   1declared paging files, you must give2 1the Declare
0			   1Paging-files command without listing any files.

0			   1This command is loaded when you scan the FEP
0			   1overlay file2 3*-loaders.flod.1 

0    My interpretation of clear is that the pages become unavailable to Lisp
    (rather than "cleaned up"). Is that correct?  If so, then using it in
    boot.boot seems counter-intuitive (although probably innocuous).  Am I
    missing something?

The current documentation (which I believe is a little more elucidating)

       1The Clear Paging Files FEP command clears the list of paging files
0       1automatically added by the Load World FEP command.2 1It also clears
0       1the list of paging files added by the Add2 1Paging File FEP command.

0       1The Clear Paging Files FEP command does not clear the list of2 1paging
0       1files declared by the Declare Paging Files or Declare More2 1Paging
0       1Files FEP commands.2 1To clear this list, issue the Declare2 1Paging Files
0       1command without listing any files.