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Clear Paging Files

The documentation about adding paging files contains this section:

       1After creating the new paging file, edit your boot file to2 1include the
0       1Declare Paging-files command.2 1The new Boot.boot file2 1might look
0       1something like this:

0            3Clear Machine
0            3Load Microcode >3640-mic.mic.389
0            3Declare Paging-files fep0:page page1
0            3Load World >Dist-7-0.load
0            3Clear Paging
0            3Set Chaos-Address 401 
0            3start

0The documentation for Clear Paging Files says:

       1Clear Paging-files
0                       1Clears the list of remaining pages that2 1Lisp uses,
0                       1and clears the FEP's list of paging2 1files added by the
0                       1Add Paging-file command.2 1This command does not
0                       1clear2 1the list of declared paging files (declared by
0                       1the Declare2 1Paging-Files command or the Declare
0                       1More Paging-files command).2 1To clear the list of
0                       1declared paging files, you must give2 1the Declare
0                       1Paging-files command without listing any files.

0                       1This command is loaded when you scan the FEP
0                       1overlay file2 3*-loaders.flod.1 

0My interpretation of clear is that the pages become unavailable to Lisp
(rather than "cleaned up"). Is that correct?  If so, then using it in
boot.boot seems counter-intuitive (although probably innocuous).  Am I
missing something?