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BITNET access

Date: Wed, 26 Jul 89 08:46 EDT
From: Ragosa <ragosa@PLUTO>
Subject: BITNET access
To: "bcsaic::\"slug%ai.sri.com\""@PSYCHE
Message-ID: <19890726124632.4.RAGOSA@PLUTO>

I've been trying to send this directly to Montgomery Kosma for a week
now with no luck. Montgomery, if you're out there, this one's for you.

Thanks for the reply about BITNET access. I've got another question for
you regarding the format of your Symbolics mailer addresses. I remember
you sent a message a while ago regarding Symbolics mailboxes and
Internet addresses. I basically copied your format, so my mailboxes.text
looks like:

;;; -*- Syntax: Common-lisp; Base: 8; Mode: Lisp; Package: MAILER; Nofill: T -*-

;;; Mailer configuration file

(define-local postmaster ragosa)
(define-local file-server ragosa)
(define-local mail-server ragosa)
(define-local lisp-machine ragosa)

;;; Send local mail to Ragosa

(deliver-local ragosa)

;;; Mailing lists

(define adams (mailbox "adams" psycho))
(define amrein (mailbox "amrein" psyche))
(define barrett (mailbox "barrett" psycho))
(define burton (mailbox "burton" psyche))
(define choat (mailbox "choat" psyche))
(define ciric (mailbox "ciric" psycho))
(define dancis (mailbox "dancis" psyche))
(define doty (mailbox "doty" psyche))
(define dubois (mailbox "dubois" psyche))
(define etzl (mailbox "etzl" psyche))
(define fischer (mailbox "fischer" psyche))
(define guerin (mailbox "guerin" psyche))
(define grubin (mailbox "grubin" psyche))
(define helton (mailbox "helton" psycho))
(define hokanson (mailbox "hokanson" psyche))
(define kaplan (mailbox "kaplan" psyche))
(define koelewyn (mailbox "koelewyn" psyche))
(define kozak (mailbox "kozak" psyche))
(define le (mailbox "le" psyche))
(define mattox (mailbox "mattox" psyche))
(define mccoy (mailbox "mccoy" psyche))
(define moore (mailbox "moore" psyche))
(define nanda (mailbox "nanda" psyche))
(define nelson (mailbox "nelson" psyche))
(define orefice (mailbox "orefice" psyche))
(define robinson (mailbox "robinson" psyche))
(define rushing (mailbox "rushing" psycho))
(define saranetz (mailbox "saranetz" psyche))
(define saul (mailbox "saul" psyche))
(define sawaya (mailbox "sawaya" psyche))
(define sedor (mailbox "sedor" psyche))
(define service (mailbox "service" psyche))
(define schneble (mailbox "schneble" psyche))
(define sorokanych (mailbox "sorokanych" psyche))
(define stecklair (mailbox "stecklair" psyche))
(define subramaniam (mailbox "subramaniam" psyche))
(define voth (mailbox "voth" psyche))
(define waters (mailbox "waters" psyche))
(define wichmann (mailbox "wichmann" psycho))

;;; Local definitions

(define class-tech (list amrein fischer koelewyn kozak orefice saul stecklair voth))

(define class (list amrein fischer koelewyn kozak orefice saul stecklair choat sedor voth))

(define act 
	(list adams amrein barrett burton choat ciric dancis doty dubois etzl fischer guerin 
	      grubin helton hokanson kaplan koelewyn kozak le mattox mccoy moore nanda nelson 
	      orefice robinson rushing saranetz saul sawaya sedor service schneble sorokanych 
	      stecklair subramaniam voth waters wichmann))

(define pc-users
	(list adams ciric dubois hokanson kaplan kozak nelson voth waters wichmann choat
	      barrett moore mattox schneble))

;;; Arpanet definitions

;;; Template (define SLUG (mailbox "EAGLE::SLUG%Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM" kahuna))

(define net-test 
	(mailbox "bcsaic::ragosa@atc.boeing.com" psyche))

(define bugs
	(mailbox "bcsaic::customer-reports%stony-brook.scrc.symbolics.com" psyche))

(define gripes-about-service
	(mailbox "bcsaic::Symbolics-Service-Issues@stony-brook.scrc.symbolics.com" psyche))

(define dekleer
	(mailbox "bcsaic::dekleer.pa%xerox.com.arpanet" psyche))

(define henry
	(mailbox "bcsaic::hmendenhall%henry.decnet%ge-crd.arpa" psyche))

(define ken
	(mailbox "bcsaic::kellengold%luke.decnet%ge-crd.arpa" psyche))

(define slug
	(mailbox "bcsaic::slug%ai.sri.com" psyche))

(define winger
	(mailbox "bcsaic::wing%kyoa.dec%decwrl.dec.com.arpanet" psyche))

Note the template entry - look familiar?? Well, PSYCHE is a VAX and
BCSAIC is a VAX. You said that EAGLE is a Sun, so that's where the
similarities between your setup and mine end. Trouble is, DNA Mail on
PSYCHE chokes when I send it a message using one of the above Internet
mailboxes. Any ideas? We're getting 2 Sun 4's soon, so hopefully this
problem will go away.


    Rich Ragosa				Email:  Ragosa@ATC.Boeing.com
    Boeing Computer Services ACTRC      Voice:  (215) 591-4295
					Fax:    (215) 591-3714
						Helicopter Support Division
						P.O. Box 33126 MS P30-58
						Philadelphia, PA 19142