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[geckler@nova.npac.syr.edu: supdup]

    Date: Thu, 27 Jul 89 14:21:13 EDT
    From: steveo@Think.COM (Steve Anthony)

    Does anyone have any information they can share?

    From: geckler@nova.npac.syr.edu (Carlton Geckler)
    To: steveo@Think.COM
    Subject: supdup
    Date: Thu, 27 Jul 89 11:52:22 -0400

    Could you explain to me how one uses supdup on the symbolics?  does it
    buy me anything?  


SUPDUP is one of a variety of remote login protocols.  It was developed at MIT, and servers
exist for PDP-10s, Lispms, BSD Unix, and a few other OSes.  The Terminal activity on the Lispm
will use it if the host you're connecting to specifies SUPDUP as a protocol for the LOGIN
service in the namespace or domain system.  The SUPDUP protocol was designed specifically for
video terminals, whereas the more common TELNET protocol was designed for more generic
communication.  The SUPDUP protocol standardizes on a compact set of control sequences for such
things as cursor positioning, and expects the client machine to translate these control
sequences to the appropriate operations on the terminal.  When using SUPDUP, there's no need to
tell the remote machine what type of terminal you're using; only the local machine needs to