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Advanced graphics on standard workstations

Contact:	Don Miskowich
		Symbolics Graphics Division
		(213) 478-0681

		Susan Zellman-Rohrer
		Symbolics, Inc 
		(617) 221-1021		FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE



	LOS ANGELES,  July 27 -- Symbolics Graphics Division today
announced that its full Animation and Paint System, which until
recently was available only on the company's high performance 3600
family of workstations, is now available on the company's newest
Apple Macintosh-based MacIvory systems.  The company
characterizes this new product as the first step in a strategy
designed to satisfy emerging demands for affordable and sophisticated
3D and 2D graphics on industry standard platforms.

	Tom McMahon, Symbolics Graphics Division manager, stated,
"Animators and film post-production houses have been our primary
market in the past.  Our graphics software and systems accommodate
their broadcast performance requirements with some of the most
sophisticated capabilities available in the industry.  With our 
Macintosh-based product we can now address the needs of a much 
broader industrial and corporate market requiring both computing 
power and low cost solutions on popular workstations."

	McMahon added that the market for non-broadcast applications
is estimated at $233 million and will grow 25 percent during the
next year.  Symbolics has initiated other key programs to address
the industrial and corporate market.  Premier Engineering, a 
Symbolics third-party software developer, has recently offered a 
translator to read computer aided design (CAD) data in the IGES 
standard format into Symbolics' graphics systems.  With this capability,
industrial designers are now able to visually portray and animate 
products developed on popular CAD systems.  Symbolics is also preparing 
to release in July a high performance system that reduces the cost and 
time to render photo-realistic images.  This rendering system will be 
available on a widely-installed graphics workstation.                                                       
	McMahon also stated that Symbolics is committed to solving the 
graphics problems unique to the industrial and commercial end user with
the services of the company's consulting organization.  The company 
is also examining the opportunities for developing other turnkey graphics
applications based on Symbolics' unique capabilities in support of 
high definition TV, medical imaging, scientific visualization and 
image processing.

	Symbolics, Inc., headquartered in Burlington, Mass., and with
operations in Chatsworth, Calif., is the leading provider of symbolic 
processing systems used for the development and delivery of expert 
systems, computer aided software engineering (CASE), computer aided 
design and engineering (CAD/CAE) and advanced image generation and processing.

	For further information, contact Symbolics Graphics Division, 
1401 Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90024, or call (213) 478-0681.

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