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High performance render server announced by Symbolics

ontact:	Don Miskowich
		Symbolics Graphics Division
		(213) 4789-0681

		Susan Zellmann-Rohrer
		Symbolics, Inc.
	         (617) 221-1021		FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


Render Server Speeds 3D Image Rendering by up to 10 Times

	LOS ANGELES, July 27 -- Symbolics Graphics Division today 
announced the availability of Symbolics Render Server*, a high 
performance rendering sub-system designed to process 3D images 
created with Symbolics Animation and Paint Systems.  The Render 
Server, based on Silicon Graphics' new IRIS 4D/210S computer, 
improves the rendering speed of a typical project by a factor of ten.
	Because Render Server is a separate sub-system, it permits the 
Symbolics system to work on other tasks while rendering is 

	"This system has been created in response to Symbolics users' 
requests for high speed off-line rendering capability," says Don 
Miskowich, marketing manager.  "In operation, the Render Server 
accepts data directly over the Ethernet link from a Symbolics 3650 
workstation and performs the compute intensive rendering task off 
line.  Thus the graphics operator can continue to create new 
animation or perform other tasks while prior designs are rendered."

	Miskowich explained that the Render Server is one in a 
planned series of products designed to extend the company's 
comprehensive family of computer-based animation and paint 
systems.  "The Render Server system is part of our strategy toward 
supporting industry standard platforms that will enable us to serve 
broader markets and provide products that take full advantage of 
performance advances available in the industry."

	The Render Server utilizes the recently announced 25MHz 
Silicon Graphics IRIS 4D/210S computer with 16MB of memory 
installed, a built-in 380MB ESDI system disk and 150MB SCSI 
cartridge tape drive.  The 4D/210S, as a member of Silicon Graphics' 
IRIS Power Series*, can be expanded to accommodate up to eight 
processors.  All necessary software, including Symbolics 4.2 Render 
client software for the Lisp machine, is included in the list price of 
$83,650.  The software as supplied is Renderman-ready.

	Symbolics, Inc., headquartered in Burlington, Mass., and with 
operations in Chatsworth, Calif., is the leading provider of symbolic 
processing systems used for the development and delivery of expert 
systems, computer aided software engineering (CASE), computer 
aided design and engineering (CAD/CAE) and advanced image 
generation and processing.

	For further information, contact Symbolics Graphics Division, 
1401 Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90024, or call (213) 

Symbolics, Symbolics Render Server and Symbolics 3650 are 
trademarks of Symbolics, Inc.

IRIS is a registered trademark and IRIS Power Series is a trademark 
of Silicon Graphics, Inc.