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Converting makefile to defsystem

This is a plea for help from anyone out there!

I'm an undergraduate at MIT and am currently working on a project
to alter a SUN Unix version 4 lisp system written in C (Ibuki Common Lisp)
so that it will work on a Symbolics (Genera 7.2). The larger part
of this project involves converting the system makefile to a defsystem
that would be the functional equivalent on the Symbolics.

One of the problems involved is handling the cc options in the makefile,
as there seems to be no Symbolics compiler equivalents for some of them.
There are other problems, but they are very program-specific.

Perhaps someone out there has had the misfortune of also having to
convert a makefile to a defsystem or has some insight into this problem.
I would greatly appreciate any information or advice, or even better,
an example of a makefile and an equivalent defsystem.