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NuBus Boards Take Two Slots?

I forwarded the original message to the factory engineering folks.  We
have taken action to correct the problem, as described below.  If your
MacIvory model 2 processor or bus boards don't fit next to the National
Semiconductor memory boards because of excessively long screws, see
below for corrective measures.

Another good place to send this sort of feedback is
Customer-Reports@Riverside.SCRC.Symbolics.COM.  Please tell us how we
can make the product better, and we'll do our best to respond.

 -- Chuck Fry
    Symbolics Software Support

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	Subject: NuBus Boards Take Two Slots?

	No, I just got yet another set of NSC boards and they still fit in one
	slot.  However, the clearance is tight:  When we swapped MacIvory 1s for
	MacIvory 2s, if the double NSC board was next to the MacIvory, a screw
	on the corner of the MacIvory would catch under a capacitor on the NSC
	daughterboard.  The quick fix was to put a thin board (i.e., monitor or
	ethernet) next to the MacIvory.  I suggested to our rep that Symbolics
	shorten the screws by about 0.1" on that side of the board.  MacIvory 1
	and 2 boards have the same length screws.

	Paul Suhler
	Hybrid Dataflow Systems
	IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
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    Thanks for the input. I'll have <Censored> look into it.

The screws in question, as best I can tell, are the ones used to mount the
96-pin DIN connectors to the board, and in fact appear to be much too 
long.  I've had an ECO written #4258 which reduces the length of the screw
as well as installs it from the opposite side of the boards so that the
little excess length there is does not protrude into an adjacent slot form

Any Bus or Processor board in the field experiencing this problem can have 
the (4) screws and nuts securing the (2) straight DIN connectors removed
and discarded.  Their primary purpose was for positioning the connector
during soldering, and should have no effect upon retention to the board.  

1Do not remove0 the hardware on the single Right Angle DIN connector on the 
Bus board as it's length is not an issue and it is in fact used to secure
the connector to the board.

Please foreward as appropriate.

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