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Naive X-1Server0-for-Symbolics Question


We're interested in using some of our Symbolics machines as part-time X
servers -- that is, to act as terminals for an X client process running
on a UNIX network host.

What I think I know so far:

CLX seems to be the opposite: 1sort of 0a Common Lisp language binding for
making an X client.  Right?

Symbolics1 (really ILA?)0 X-Windows1 [sic*] seems to be a very smart
version of an X client, generating X from 2(any?)1 Genera application.  It
might also include a server, though this isn't really explicit in the
blurb I got from my sales rep.

So, does anyone have experience with Symbolics X-Windows?  Will it do
what I want, as well as the really neat stuff that I don't really need?
Is there something simpler/cheaper that just implements the server?  Is
there something else we should consider (like interoperability with CLIM
and/or Common Windows and/or <Other-User-Interface-Standards-Salad>)?

I'd be grateful for any reduction of uncertainty.

-- Rich Brandau
* I 2do1 know that "It's a window system named X, not a system named
  X-Windows," though I don't know why I should care.