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    Date: Thu, 27 Jul 89 11:40:03 CDT
    From: "kosma%ALAN.LAAC-AI.Dialnet.Symbolics.COM"%ALAN.KAHUNA.DECNET.LOCKHEED.COM@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM
    I've been bugged for a while by lisp listeners which do not default to
    have a deexposed-typeout-action of let-it-happen / notify.
    Anybody know of a way to make this the system default for new windows?
    I hate having to change it explicitly for each new listener I create.
    monty kosma
The following works for me:

(defun 1customize-window0 (&optional (window *terminal-io*))

  2;; Let things happen when the window is deexposed.
0  (send window :set-deexposed-typeout-action :permit)

  2;; Don't notify me if the window wants typein.
0  (send window :set-deexposed-typein-action :normal)

  (send window :set-echo-character-style '(nil :bold nil))
  (send window :set-more-p nil)

3;;; Automatically customize the initial Lisp Listener.
0(customize-window tv:initial-lisp-listener)

3;;; Automatically customize new Dynamic Lisp Listeners.
0(defmethod 1(make-instance dw::dynamic-lisp-listener :after)0 (&rest ignore)
  (customize-window self))