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Looking for Tips for a user interface and Mac Ivory

Do not ask me why, but I need the following. Any tips, hints are

- a DW which scrolls backward... a new line should appear on the top of
the previous one, and the window should scroll down when it is full...

- in this DW, the new incoming lines should blink... until we click
on them to acknowledge them.

- is it possible to have a redisplayer in which you have items which
can be changed by clicking on them? (a mixup of menu and redisplayer?)

 I am also looking for any tips about the use of the Mac Ivory. I
thought that the one on using the 3 buttons mouse and the Mac Keyboard
was a really good one. 
- What screensaver are you using (the Radius one is terrible but it is
the only one which works for me)?
- etc...

Thanks in advance,