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Re: Naive X-1Server0-for-Symbolics Question

    Date: Mon, 31 Jul 89 15:18 PDT
    From: barmar@THINK.COM

    I don't know whether Symbolics will sell you the server without the
    client software.  The two pieces are completely independent systems, so
    you certainly don't *need* one for the other. However, they describe the
    server as being included merely to aid in debugging of client
    applications, not intending it to be a full-featured X server.  However,
    like you we mostly need the server, not the client software (because our
    software has to be portable to Unix, we haven't been writing many
    applications that make use of Symbolics windows).

That's interesting; we too would be interested in the server, and don't need
the client (so certain UNIX tools can be run from a lispm). I wonder if
Symbolics is missing out on what their customers need here?