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[slug stuff]

From: welty@lewis.crd.ge.com (richard welty)
To: bruno@oz.geo.washington.edu
Cc: slug@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM
Subject: [slug stuff]
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 89 15:00 EDT

     in essence, you need to find a source for the particular drive
     that you want to install.  For example, the Imprinis (formerly
     CDC) 9720-736 (a 736 mbyte drive) can be purchased for around
     $5300.  the necessary cable set costs slightly under $200.  when
     you get the drive, it comes with a paper copy of the bad blocks
     listing.  for a fee of ca. $500, symbolics will take this list
     and produce the necessary IFS tape.  for an additional $500,
     symbolics field service will install the drive for you.  the total
     cost for the 736 will come to ca. $6500; the last time i got
     a quote from symbolics on the whole package through them, it came
     to around $15,000.  we've installed one 736 this way, and are in
     the process of purchasing another.  the savings on disk is roughly
     equivalent to the cost of one 2mw board for a 36xx machine; very
     nice when you're on a limited budget.

Wow! Great price! Where did you get your disk? We installed a third
party 515Mb CDC drive selling for 10K on our 3670. Had I known, we
might have gone for the cheaper and larger 9720-736.