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    From: ray@cme.nist.gov (Steve Ray)

	 in essence, you need to find a source for the particular drive
	 that you want to install.  For example, the Imprinis (formerly
	 CDC) 9720-736 (a 736 mbyte drive) can be purchased for around
	 $5300.  the necessary cable set costs slightly under $200.

    Wow! Great price! Where did you get your disk? We installed a third
    party 515Mb CDC drive selling for 10K on our 3670. Had I known, we
    might have gone for the cheaper and larger 9720-736.

GE purchasing found the following supplier:

Micro Age Computer
10 New Karner Rd.
Guilderland, NY

i have never dealt with them directly, and have no especial reason
to endorse them over any other outfit offering the same unit at
the same price (i'm sure that there are many such outfits.)

The sheet GE purchasing attached to the box lists the following
useful information:

9720-736 w/universal power supply    List $7910  Net $5295
10 Ft. SMD Interface Cable (set A & B)
          List $278 ($189+$89)   Net $188 ($129+$59)

(our Symbolics FE likes the cables we got this way better than
the ones Symbolics gives him.)

we basically ship Purchase orders to both our disk supplier
and symbolics at the same time; then when the disk shows
up we give a copy of the bad blocks listing to our Symbolics
FE, who sends it in to have the IFS tape made.  When the IFS
tape comes back, he comes in and installs the drive for us,
typically two weeks after he picks up the bad blocks listing.