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FORCED to buy new cart for XL400?

It seems  that  ALL  software  for  MacIvory's  and XL400's will ONLY be
delivered on the small cartridges.  We already have two carts (large) at
our site;  it  seems  extravagant  to  buy  another.   That's one of the
reasons we have networks.

Is it really that hard to write this stuff onto large tapes?  IBIN files
can live on a 3600's disk, and I can load world files onto a local  disk
from a remote  cart; Cant  symbolics write  them onto  a remote  cart as
well?  In any  case we  should be  able to  get the  layered products on
large carts.  It is admittedly a  bit more trouble to organize  the tape
production, but you do have computers and we're NOT talking about having
to stick a large cart drive into an XL400 cabinet.

If this  is  indeed  the  policy,  I  find  it rather arbitrary.  So the
XL400's are compatible,  huh?  If  it is  not the  policy, I  apologize;
However, my customer  rep thinks  this is  the policy  and even  she was

Is anybody else having problems with this?  What do the symbolics people
on the list think of this?

	Bruce Miller