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Used 3640 price

    Date: Thu, 3 Aug 89  15:17:45 CDT
    From:     MKP@Genevieve.cs.utexas.edu (Martin Purvis)

    Does anyone know what might be the current market price for a used
    Symbolics 3640, purchased from a third party (i.e.  not Symbolics)?  To
    specify it more precisely, let's say a 3640 with 8 MB of memory and two
    140 MB disks.

    Martin Purvis

I know of a source willing to sell 3640s (unfortunately as yet
unspecified as to exact disk and RAM capacities) for around $3000, which
I believe is for quantity one. This is the cheapest I have heard of.
Before that, $4000 - $4500 was more like it, for one 140 MB Disk and 4MB