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SCSI disk interface software needed for Symbolics XL400

    Date: Mon, 7 Aug 89 11:49 EDT
    From: attila@flash.bellcore.com (Leslie A. Walko)

    Does anyone know of a SCSI driver for the XL400 machine?  We would like
    to attach CDC ren 5/6 Winchester disks --or some similar disk-- to the
    SCSI port.  

    Please let us know if you know of, written, or have any knowledge of
    where to obtain the appropriate interface software. 

SCSI disk drivers already exist in the Genera 7.4+ software; they work but
are currently officially unsupported.  The issues about attaching a random SCSI
disk are 1) many don't permit sufficient flexibility to fit the Lispm constraints
on block size (i.e. a disk block must be at least 256 words long, or (* 5 256) = 1280 bytes
and 2) the performance is usually pretty bad compared with the equivalent ESDI disk.

    Thank you, Leslie Walko		attila@bellcore.com    201/829-4824