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UX400S product announcement

Susan Zellmann-Rohrer
Symbolics, Inc. 617-221-1021

Diane Smestad
Sterling Hager, Inc.  617-259-140		FOR IMMEDIATE  RELEASE 


	Burlington, Mass., August 8 -- Symbolics, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMBX) 
today announced that its leading object-oriented software is now 
available for most Sun-3 and SPARC- based workstations, using 
Symbolics' high performance Ivory-based co-processor.

	Called the Symbolics UX400S, the new Symbolics co-processor 
board offers Sun Workstation users access to Genera, the most 
comprehensive object-oriented development and delivery 
environment currently available, as well as to Symbolics' family of 
integrated, object-oriented application building blocks.

	The UX400S was developed in response to demands from 
among over 5,500 Symbolics users to make the Company's 
comprehensive development software available on Sun's popular 
family of engineering workstations running their UNIX-based 
operating system.  Symbolics stressed that the UX400S now provides 
a powerful platform, fully integrated with the UNIX environment, for 
the development of AI, CAD/CAE, manufacturing and other advanced 
engineering applications.

	Richard Karash, Symbolics' vice president, marketing, stated, 
"The UX400S is unique both for its high-end development capability 
as well as its tight integration with the UNIX environment.  Users 
will not only maximize their existing hardware investment but have 
access to two powerful software environments on a single 
workstation, leveraging the best of both worlds:  the large library of 
software applications and high performance I/O available with UNIX 
and the unmatched development environment for complex 
applications available with Genera."

	Carl Wolf, vice president of Sun's Software Products Division, 
added, "AI is a large and growing market for Sun.  In fact, AI is Sun's 
fourth largest market.  Our relationship with Symbolics - a pioneer 
in the AI field-enables Sun to provide solutions for the high-end AI 
software development marketplace."

Symbolics Targets Major Market Opportunities with Sun Product

	Karash added "We have a premier software solution for 
the over 150,000 Sun workstations installed worldwide that lets us 
address a much larger segment of AI research as well as engineering, 
manufacturing and commercial application development and 
delivery.  Because so many of our customers today have Sun 
workstations beside their Symbolics systems, the UX400S is a very 
logical step for us.  And we can offer third party software developers 
a more complete development and delivery product line."

	Stuart Bernstein, general manager, sales and marketing for 
Wisdom Systems, a McDermott company and a vendor of advanced 
CAE systems, agreed.  "With the Symbolics UX400S, our Concept 
Modeller interactive engineering automation system, developed 
using Symbolics' object-oriented environment, will be a unique and 
attractive solution to complex mechanical design for the thousands of 
industrial design and manufacturing engineers world-wide."

UX400S Pricing and Availability

	An entry level UX400S delivery system including co-processor 
board, 10 MB ECC memory, and Genera delivery software will be 
available in October for $13,900 (U.S.).  The UX400S configured for 
development, including the co-processor and 20 MB ECC memory, 
will be available in September for $21,900 (U.S.).  The Genera 
development software is available separately for $9,500 (U.S.).  A 
floating point accelerator and a separate memory expansion board 
with up to 40 MB of ECC memory are also available as options.  The 
first release of the UX400S will support Symbolics' complete family 
of software products including Statice, Joshua, Symbolics 
Concordia and Plexi.

	Symbolics Inc., headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, 
with operations in Chatsworth, Calif., is the leading manufacturer and 
marketer of symbolic processing systems used for the development 
and delivery of expert systems, computer aided software engineering 
(CASE), computer aided design and engineering (CAD/CAE) and 
advanced image generation and processing.


Genera is a registered trademark and Ivory, Joshua, Symbolics 
Concordia, Statice, and Symbolics are trademarks of Symbolics, Inc.
Apple and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, 
Plexi is a trademark of Plexi Software, Inc.
UNIX is a registered trademark of AT&T.
Sun-3, SPARC and Sun Workstation are trademarks of Sun 
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Concept Modeller is a trademark of McDermott International.