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UX400S product backgrounder

	Contact:	Susan Zellmann-Rohrer
			Symbolics, Inc.  617-221-1021

			Diane Smestad
			Sterling Hager, Inc.  617-259-1400

Product Backgrounder


The Symbolics UX400S is a coprocessor designed to work with most 
disk-based Sun-3 and SPARC-based machines, allowing the 
Symbolics Genera operating system to run within the UNIX 
environment.  Genera is an advanced object-oriented software 
environment for the development and delivery of complex 

The UX400S integrates Genera with the UNIX-based SunOS.  Genera 
applications appear within the host Sun window system just as 
native UNIX applications do, and a variety of standard network 
services, including X Window System, NFS, the Network Filesystem 
protocol, and RPC, a remote procedure call protocol,  are provided to 
facilitate seamless communication between the two systems.  This 
high level of integration enables developers to leverage the extensive 
library of software applications and fast I/O available with UNIX as 
well as the unequaled software development environment available 
with Genera.   

The Genera Software Environment

Providing an open architecture and highly integrated development 
tools, Genera helps software designers get from prototype to product 
faster and more efficiently.  The development methodology 
supported by Genera could be described as rapid productizing, the 
fast, efficient evolution of software from early working versions to 
the final product, which dramatically shortens development cycles 
for complex projects.  

Genera encourages incremental refinement of programs.  The 
development tools, which are tightly coupled due to Genera's unique 
object-oriented memory architecture, operate on individual 
definitions instead of files.  All processes in Genera operate within a 
single, vast virtual memory, which is treated as a set of objects, 
rather than bits or bytes.  This high level of abstraction allows 
programmers to design flexible programs with general-purpose data 
structures.  As a result, these programs can integrate smoothly with 
other programs and can be refined, reused and extended more easily.  

Combining Proven Technologies

Designed as an add-in coprocessor for most disk-based Sun-3 and 
SPARC-based machines configured with 9U VME slots, the UX400S 
integrates Symbolics' Ivory microprocessor and Genera software 
environment with the UNIX-based SunOS.  A complete 
implementation of a symbolic processor on a single VLSI CMOS part, 
Ivory is based on a 40-bit tagged architecture to support Genera's 
object-oriented memory model.  The Ivory microprocessor also 
features comprehensive run-time checking and hardware support for 
safe, efficient Common Lisp function calls, particularly the generic 
function calls prevalent in object-oriented programs.  

The Genera operating system offers extensive network facilities and 
integrates easily into heterogeneous, multivendor environments.  It 
includes protocols and services to support many different operating 
systems and automatically chooses the best protocols, hosts, and 
routes to obtain a requested service.  In a number of network 
protocols common to UNIX systems, including TCP/IP, FS, RPC and X 
Window System, version 11.  

Symbolics' Proven Object-Oriented Software

The UX400S provides an advanced programming environment which 
supports proven object-oriented building blocks:  

		Joshua -- Proven software for building and delivering 
expert system applications, Joshua gives developers the flexibility 
needed to develop real-world applications and modify them quickly 
and easily as requirements change.  
		Symbolics Concordia -- An object-oriented system for 
hypertext document development and delivery, Symbolics Concordia 
helps solve documentation problems too complex for conventional 
		Statice -- The first commercially available object-
oriented database system designed to support multiple users, Statice 
enables users to store and share objects across a network.  
		CLOE -- Sophisticated software which allows 
applications developed under Genera to be delivered on Intel 80386-
based personal computers, CLOE support both UNIX and MS-DOS( 
operating systems and provides demand-paged virtual memory for 
the DOS environment to support large applications.
		PLEXI -- A development environment for constructing 
neural networks, Plexi provides a graphical interface, including icons 
and pull-down menus, which makes it easy to create, modify and 
train neural networks.  
		MACSYMA -- Macsyma is a computer-aided 
mathematics program which combines symbolic and numerical 
analyses into an automated approach to mathematical modeling.  

Hardware Features and Options

The standard UX400S configuration includes the Ivory processor 
board complete with VMEbus interface, two or four megawords (10 
MB or 20 MB) of Ivory main memory and Genera delivery software.  
The full Genera development system and a Floating Point Accelerator 
may be purchased as options.  

The main memory stores 40-bit words, (plus 8-bit error correcting 
codes), and is connected to the pipelined Ivory processor bus.  A 
Symbolics memory expansion board is available, providing up to 
eight megawords (40 MB) of additional memory.  The system boards 
conform to the 9U X 400 mm Eurocard form factor and VMEbus 
specification (Revision C.1).  


Symbolics will provide hardware maintenance for the UX400S and 
software support for all Company products.  Extensive consulting 
services ranging from application design to implementation are also 
available from Symbolics.  Sun Microsystems will provide 
maintenance on all Sun workstation hardware, as well as software 
support for the UNIX operating system and all Sun application 

Symbolics Inc., headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, and with 
operations in Chatsworth, California, is the leading manufacturer and 
marketer of symbolic processing systems for the development and 
delivery of complex, strategic applications.  The company's stock is 
traded over the NASDAQ national market system (SMBX).  

Sun Microsystems, Inc. headquartered in Mountain View, California, 
is a leading manufacturer and marketer of UNIX-based workstations.  

Symbolics UX400S, MacIvory, Ivory, Joshua, Symbolics Concordia, 
Statice, CLOE and Symbolics are trademarks and Genera and 
MACSYMA are registered trademarks of Symbolics, Inc.
Sun Microsystems, NFS, Sun-3, SunOS and SPARC are trademarks of 
Sun Microsystems, Inc. 
UNIX is a registered trademark of AT&T.
X Window System is a trademark of MIT.  
Plexi is a trademark of Plexi Software, Inc.