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Sharing a LGP2 with Suns

    Date: Wed, 9 Aug 89 17:08:39 CDT
    From: dkirsche@shamash.cdc.com (Dan Kirschen - PLYOPS)

    We are going to add a series of Sun 3/50 and SGI 400 on the same Ethernet as
    our Symbolics and would like to use the same laser printer.  What's the best
    solution and what do I need to implement it?

    Option #1: Keep the LGP2 on the Symbolics 

This would require either software on the Suns to talk to the Symbolics
spooler, or software on the Symbolics to accept Sun-style spooler
requests.  I haven't heard of either.

    Option #2: Move the LGP2 to one of the Suns and add some software to allow
    spooling from the Symbolics.

This does exist.  Contact Chris Lindblad at the MIT AI Lab about getting
his LPD-USER file.  It also exists in the SLUG Library, but that version
only works in Genera 7.1.