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Sharing a LGP2 with Suns

    Date: Wed, 9 Aug 89 17:08:39 CDT
    From: dkirsche@shamash.cdc.com (Dan Kirschen - PLYOPS)

    I imagine that the following question has already been discussed, but being
    a recent addition to the slug mailing list, I need to ask it again.

    We are going to add a series of Sun 3/50 and SGI 400 on the same Ethernet as
    our Symbolics and would like to use the same laser printer.  What's the best
    solution and what do I need to implement it?

Sure the question has been asked and rather inadequately answered;
however, now that Symbolics has a Sun embed, maybe they'll have to
really address this question!  I'd love to know the answer.

BTW: the std answer that I got but have not implemented is to get the
SLUG tape and Symbolics's LGP2 software.  What I would like to know is
how a system that sells itself on being an integrated highly productive
development platform can be missing print software!  It will sound real
funny to my management if I go to them and say, "remember that highly
integrated development system I bought that has the Lisp
interpreter/compiler/editor/inspector/debugger/etc all standard and all
working together, well it costs $2000 to get the software necessary to
print any of the stuff out.  By the way, that's almost the cost of the
Lisp interpreter/compiler/editor/inspector/debugger/etc on the Sun and
the Sun includes the print software."