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mac virus

This is a rather unpleasant announcement to make. We are currently 
battling the nVIR mac virus that has infected Mac's here, and at
clients of ours who have received some of our applications. 

We think that the original source of the virus was a loaner
MacIvory from the Symbolics office in Houston. That machine 
had a shareware directory on it that apparently launched the
virus through a couple of the games in it. If it turns out that
indeed, the virus did come from there, then one can only guess
how many machines have been infected as the loaner machine has
progressed around the country. 

Anyway, if you have received any of the shareware games making the 
rounds, such as PhrazeCraze, Canfield, etc., you might want to
run them through a virus eradicator. The virus attacks executable
files through the resource fork on the Mac. Documents are not

Paul Collier
Knowledge Based Systems Lab
Texas A&M University