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Shared Maintenance SIG

How many customers out there are using shared maintenance (or worse,
self maintenance) for their Lispms?  We just put about 40 36xx's (where
(/= xx 00)) on shared maintenance, in order to save $100K/year.  I'm
sure there are others out there who have or are contemplating doing the
same thing.  I think it would be helpful if we were to form a SIG within
SLUG, or at least create a mailing list so we can commiserate with each

I'd like to start by seeing how much interest there is in this.  If
you'd be interested in being on such a mailing list, send me mail.  If I
get enough positive response I'll create the list.  Once we see how that
goes I'll look into forming an official SIG.

						Barry Margolin
						Thinking Machines Corp.
						SLUG Board Member