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Sharing a LGP2 with Suns

    Date: Wed, 9 Aug 89 21:13 EDT
    From: barmar%Think.COM@uunet (Barry Margolin)

	Date: Wed, 9 Aug 89 17:08:39 CDT
	From: dkirsche@shamash.cdc.com (Dan Kirschen - PLYOPS)

	We are going to add a series of Sun 3/50 and SGI 400 on the same Ethernet as
	our Symbolics and would like to use the same laser printer.  What's the best
	solution and what do I need to implement it?

	Option #1: Keep the LGP2 on the Symbolics 

    This would require either software on the Suns to talk to the Symbolics
    spooler, or software on the Symbolics to accept Sun-style spooler
    requests.  I haven't heard of either.

[Sorry for being late; I've been on vacation.]

Software to make a lispm accept print jobs from unix machines exists.
I've written it back in 1987 because for some reason we needed it just
that way. Back then was a discussion on slug about just the same topic
and I offered to send the code to anyone who wanted it. (Seems we need
not only corporate memory at Symbolics, but something similar on slug ;-)

So again: anyone who is interested in keeping an lgp attached to their
lispm but needs to print jobs from a unix machine too may ask me for a
copy of the code to implement such a server on the lispm side.

Here at GMD we do it both ways: we have an LW II NTX attached to our
server lispm in order to have local control over this printer and also
use Chris Lindblad's fine stuff to use some larger AGFA P400PS,
connected to an Unix machine, for mass jobs.