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tools for exporting symbols ?

>From bernina.zir.ethz.ch!mpeter Mon Aug 14 17:46:08 MET 1989 remote from ethz

I have a utility package with flavors, methods, functions, var's und const's
and I would like to export all (or at least most) of these symbols to other packages.
So I have to insert an (export '(......)) form into my utility package and a
simmilar import form in all the other packages, but since a have many symbols
to export/import it would be nice to have some function which generates 
such an export list automatically.

Is there an "official way" how I can get such a list ? I know that I can
write my own function with do-symbols but maybe there's a more ellegant

Thanks for any help

Martin Peter
ETH Zuerich/Switzerland