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Re: (eval-when (compile load eval) ...)

    Date: Mon, 14 Aug 89 12:35:15 PDT
    From: Mike Wilber <Wilber@Score.Stanford.EDU>

    hi jeff -- you can get zmacs to treat definitions within an eval-when almost
    completely as definitions if you have them start at the left end of a line (no
    leading whitespace) with the four characters "(def"...c-m-e and c-m-h get
    confused, but m-., for example, does just the right thing...cheers -- mike

The only problem with that is that automatic indenting (i.e. c-m-\ or
something similar like m-X Convert to Styled-Lisp that I use) will always
undo any effort to put the nested definition at the beginning of the
        Thanks anyway,