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Dear Symbolics customer:

As you may have noticed during the past year, much effort and
resources were devoted to improve the quality of software support
services, which have resulted in a faster response time, distribution 
of new ECO tapes, more fixes, and patches. As part of Symbolics ongoing
commitment to improve our software services, the Genera 7.5 release is currently
scheduled to be released during the early part of the calendar year, 1990.

Certain customers may have received support services in the past without 
providing us with a purchase order number. Therefore, We would like to remind  
you that as of 1September0 117, 19890, Symbolics software  support service will 
not accept any call or electronic mail from any customer requesting services 
without a valid software support contract,unless you provide us with a purchase order. 
You will be charged for all software support services against your purchase 
order at a rate of $135.00 per hour, with a two hour minimum. 

Only those systems identified by a serial number having a valid contract 
will be supported. Please note that telephone and electronic mail support
are only available to customers with  "1CONTRACT SUPPORT SERVICE0". 
Customers with "1SOFTWARE SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE0" are only entitled to receive 
major and minor releases of software product and documentation update.

If you have any question, please contact Symbolics Contract Administration
department at (818) 998-3600 or Software Support at 1-800-824-4263.

David F. Motazedi
Manager, Software Support