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TCP/IP streams for SUN and Symbolics

I want to be able to open a TCP/IP network connection on my SUN3, SUN4,
and/or SUN SparcStation1 from SUN CommonLISP (Lucid) version 3.0 so that
I can communicate among these machines and my Symbolics machines.
The purpose is to be able to read and write arbitrary data from and to
a network stream.
I want to be able to use the PRIN1 and READ functions (or something similar)
on these streams, just like I can on the Symbolics when I use 
net:define-protocol and net:define-server (:medium :bytestream). 

I would appreciate information from anyone who has done this or who has
knowledge of this.

Thanks in advance.

Stefan Roth
Georgia Tech Research Institute
Artificial Intelligence Branch
(404) 894-3505