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2 Questions: Saving Worlds, Optimizing worlds, loading microcode error tables (3! 3 questions....)

OK, so I am finally doing :Optimize World, which is a great thrill and
makes me feel good. But, what are people's experiences? Is it worth the
time and FEP space? Does one notice anything different in paging really?

Also, when you save a world you get all kinds of "Optimizing flavor
handlers, Optimizing compiled functions, etc..." Is that the same stuff?
Is it part of what Optimize World does?

Finally (nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition...) why does the Save
World cause microcode error tables to be loaded? Why is it trying to
load every single one for the 3600? (3600-mic, 3600-FPA-mic,.....) 

Also, this is a bug, because although my system was once a 3600, it is
now a 3675, since I have PE video and the IFU. Something somewhere is
reported it is still a 3600, but it isnt cause that microcode (e.g.,
3600-mic.mic) wont run. Anybody know what is going on here? In the
interests of purity, only, my question comes ---- I presume there is no
hardship in loading these extra error tables....