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NFS Problems.

I've been running into problems with UNIX file operations on Symbolics
files mounted on my Sun.

First of all, I'm running SunOS 4.0.3 and Genera 7.2 (ILA-NFS 11.21).

The 'mv' UNIX command doesn't seem to work on any Symbolics file.  (I've
sent a bug report to Symbolics customer-reports, but haven't received a

Additionally, sometimes (I haven't been able to narrow it down) 'rm' and
'cp' don't work.  I tried to delete a file (located on the Symbolics)
but UNIX responded with 'No such file or directory', yet 'ls' certainly
listed it.  'cp' likewise failed but the problem only occurred on this
one file.  Other files (of the same and different type) were easily
deleted and copied.  A dired listing on the Symbolics showed it as
well, and it allowed me to delete it.  I haven't reported this problem,

The problem with 'mv' also occurrs in SunOS 3.5.  I don't know about
'cp' and 'rm' problems in SunOS 3.5.

Can anyone offer any diagnosis of these symptoms?  Does this sound like
a problem with Sun's NFS or Symbolics'?