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Re: Accents for European Languages

>Date: Thu, 24 Aug 89 17:15:17 PST
>From: Richard Shu <rshu@ads.com>
>To: slug@warbucks.ai.sri.com
>Subject: Accents for European Languages
>  I want to be able to print and read accents for European languages such as
>  French, Spanish and German.  How do I do it?  I can't seem to find anything
>  in the Encyclopedia Symbolica except for an index entry for "acute accent"
>  which is supposed to be on page 5 of Volume 2A.  I looked on that page and
>  couldn't find anything.  Surely, this problem is handled at European sites?
>  Please tell me how so I don't have to reinvent the wheel.
>  Rich

I think this only works for the default character-style/font (i.e.
cptfont), but type <control>-q (the magic quote command) then type the
octal number for the accents.

The accent charaters start at #o300 and go up to about #o320 (I'm typing
this at home --so I'm not at my Lispm-- but I'm sure it's pretty close to
correct).  You can do M-X Show Font in Zmacs to show which ones are

The accent character is inserted *before* the accented-character.  This
works in Zmacs, Lisp-listeners, etc.


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