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Paul Pangaro writes:
>	I respectfully ask that all those interested in software bugs and
>	fixes read the following and respond. 
>	(3) If you are a user who desires the above discussed facility,
>	tell this e-mail list and anyone else that you know at Symbolics
>	about it.
Speaking for Symbolics users at AAI Corporation and the Johns Hopkins
Applied Physics Lab, we certainly agree that *everyone* should have a
facility for reporting bugs, getting fixes and updates, etc.

I also can see Symbolics' viewpoint, however: my observation at AAI
and JHU/APL is that most calls from the average user are for advice
or help on things that would fall in the realm of "traditional"
software support. Other companies (Sun, Frame, IntelliCorp, etc)
with which I work charge for these services also.

How about something like having free email support, in which responses
might take a day or so, and could even be "this is discussed in volume X,
under the section ....."  Phone support, which ties up the support
personnel, would still cost $$, but would provide quick answers regarding
bugs or simple questions alike.

Too simplistic, perhaps, but could something along this line work?

					- Marty Hall

hall@aplcen.apl.jhu.edu    Artificial Intelligence Lab
apl_aimh@jhunix.bitnet     AAI Corporation
..!uunet!aplcen!hall       PO Box 126
(301) 683-6455             Hunt Valley, MD 21030