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New location for SLUG mailing list archives

The old KL.SRI.COM is going away.  I've managed to put the SLUG mail archives
on AI.SRI.COM.  If you FTP to AI.SRI.COM and login as Anonymous, the only
directory you can get to is USR2:[ANONYMOUS].  The SLUG mail archives are
in that directory.  The files are in the TOPS-20 MM format (TENEX style for

By the way, we are rather security conscious around here (the AIC at
SRI).  Not that we have anything secret or whatever, mainly that
crackers are a severe incovenience.  We do try to detect attempts at
unauthorized access on any of our computers (*.AI.SRI.COM).  I wonder
sometimes when people from odd places try to access my lispm without
trying to access others at our site.  I hope none of you try to get
any files out of our site (other than those in the ANONYMOUS directory
above).  I doubt you will get anything of use and we'll be mighty unhappy
with you.   (If you need something, ask.)

I'm sure that goes for other sites too....