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general infos / creation of a UG in France


My name and address are
	Eric Bessone
	4 Avenue Laurent Cely
        la tour d'Asnieres
phone:  33 1 40868251
fax:    33 1 47908402
Email:  ebessone@metrologie.fr on uunet
	ebessone@slip.metrologie.dialnet.com on Symbolics dialnet
but during these days we have a broken modem, so use only the
uunet address

Metrologie is the french distributor of Symbolics, I am 
the Symbolics product manager.
A lot of our customer are interested by a users group.
So, we plan to form a french users group. 
What kind of relations do you have with international users 
and UG?
Could you please send me every info you have on SLUG, and add
me to your mailing list for Meta-Point.

Thank you in advance for keeping in touch
Regards from Paris