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lispm programming questions

    Date: Wed, 30 Aug 89 23:29 EDT
    From: barmar@Think.COM.ARPANET (Barry Margolin)

	Date: Wed, 30 AUG 89 18:13:09 PDT 
	Next, in a lisp-listener, I evaluate the following:

	(export 'jfoo "jtest")
	;;;here I got a complaint that the symbol JFOO is not present in package JTEST
	;;;this I understand
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	(export 'jtest:jfoo "jtest")
	;;;here I got a complaint that exporting the symbol JFOO would cause a name
	;;;conflict in USER- this I don't understand <****************************

    When you typed the previous form you created USER::JTEST.  Since USER
    :USEs JTEST, exporting FOO from JTEST would cause a conflict.

	;;;Finally, I tried importing JTEST:JFOO into USER but it complained that
	;;;"this would cause a name conflict with JFOO which is already present"
	;;;This I dont understand <***********************************

    This is the same problem as the previous one.  When you typed 'JFOO in
    the first EXPORT form, you interned a symbol named JFOO in USER.

I believe the symbol 'jfoo got interned in the lisp-listener's package
when the form "(jfoo)" was typed in.