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Re: Genera v.s. Allegro on DECstation 3100

    Are there any Symbolics users out there who have some experience with
    FRANZ' Allegro CommonLISP on the DECstation 3100. Currenly we do most
    of our development on two LISPMs, but recently we purchased two DECstations
    3100 so now we plan on running LISP on them. We are especially interested
    in the development environment (editor, debugger, inspector etc) as compared
    to Genera.

Actually, I am interested in knowing how FAST Allegro CommonLISP is on the
DECstation 3100. When I looked at the DECstation 3100 about a year ago, I
did not have access to any Lisp so I ran some of my C programs as benchmarks.
I found that the 3100 ranged from 2 to 4 times faster than a Sun-4. I wonder
if the same speedups would occur with Lisp. Has anybody run the Gabriel
benchmarks for the various CommonLisps that are available for SPARC and
the 3100 and compared them to the 3650 and the XL400?