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Send datagrams with no response expected [Important]

In Symbolics 3640 Genera 7.2, System 376.166,
world load FEP0:>rel-7-2-tmc-ver-3.load.1, on Symbolics 3640 #5576 (Occam):

I'm trying to implement the client side of a logging protocol.  It is a
datagram protocol.  The client simply sends a single UDP datagram with
the logging packet to the log server.  The server sends no reply.
There's no receipt confirmation or error checking other than the UDP

I can't see how to implement this common, extremely simple thing with
the Generic Network System.  In fact, I can't see how to fill in the UDP
packet at all; the (empty) packet is sent and it starts waiting for a
response before my :INVOKE-WITH-STREAM-AND-CLOSE function is invoked.
In the CHAOS-SIMPLE medium this would be done by putting the data after
the contact name.

I need to know how to do this today.