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dw:menu-choose [2]

Can someone try this on their machine?

(dw:menu-choose '(apple pear orange)
	        :prompt `(:string "Choose a Type of Fruit"
	                  :character-style (:dutch :bold :large)))

I get "Choose a Type of Fru" as the title on the menu when I do it
on my machine.  Is it me or something I've done, or is it a BUG?
If it's a bug, can it be fixed real soon?  My users won't understand
menus with partial titles.

(I know I can use a smaller font, but the users have complained
 that things are hard to read, so we're going big and bold.)

Here is my herald if that info is necessary:

 Genera                                  7.2
 System                                  376.166 (ECO level 13)
 Utilities                               27.31   (ECO level 6)
 Server Utilities                        28.5    (ECO level 1)
 Hardcopy                                118.17  (ECO level 1)
 Zmail                                   165.23  (ECO level 4)
 LMFS                                    102.8   (ECO level 2)
 Tape                                    82.19   (ECO level 4)
 Nsage                                   27.120  (ECO level 1)
 Documentation Database                  62.1
 Color                                   405.13
 Color Support                           409.13
 Color Demo                              407.4
 Images                                  406.13
 Color Editor                            405.1
 Color Doc                               408.0
 SGD Book Design                         2.6
 Graphics Toolkit                        1.12
 IP-TCP                                  67.8    (ECO level 3)
 Microcode 3650-FPA-MIC                  426
 FEP                                     206