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Send datagrams with no response expected [Important]

The Symbolics datagram medium takes a *very* limited view of what you might
want to do with UDP packet-level communications.  As I recall, the client sends
an empty packet (the port it is sent to determines what is being requested) and
receives a packet back.  If you really want to send data in the initial packet,
you can use :invoke and set up the connection yourself.  The initial data
should be an array of (unsigned-byte 8) - a Common Lisp string probably won't

    (net:get-connection-for-service <service-access-path>
                                    :rfc-text <array with initial data>)

This still requires a reply from the server though.  If you don't want to wait
for one (especially if none is coming!) add :future-p t to the above.

If you want to do anything interesting with UDP, you should forget about the
datagram medium and work at the UDP level.  You can figure out anything you
need to by looking at the file sys:ip-tcp;udp.lisp.  The important object is
udp-conn, which can be treated either as a buffered stream or as a source and
sink for packet-sized arrays.

			Good Luck!
			Terry Barnes

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