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dw:menu-choose [2]

    Date: Fri, 1 Sep 89 15:14 EDT
    From: tmitchel@vax.bbn.com (Tom Mitchell)

    Can someone try this on their machine?

    (dw:menu-choose '(apple pear orange)
		    :prompt `(:string "Choose a Type of Fruit"
			      :character-style (:dutch :bold :large)))

    I get "Choose a Type of Fru" as the title on the menu when I do it
    on my machine.  Is it me or something I've done, or is it a BUG?
    If it's a bug, can it be fixed real soon?  My users won't understand
    menus with partial titles.

    (I know I can use a smaller font, but the users have complained
     that things are hard to read, so we're going big and bold.)

I noticed (and reported) this problem a long time ago.  The problem is
that it is computing the size of the window based on the width of the
characters in the default font rather than in the font you specify.

A simple workaround for you to use until it's fixed is to add some
spaces to the end of the prompt string.