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My God ... Its full of epsilons!

Mabry's message w/code reminded me of something thats been bugging me
and I haven't looked terribly hard for a solution.  It's nothing wrong
with Mabry or Mabry's code, its just
 `My god...Its full of epsilons!!'

Hey, I'm a real fan of fonts (ahem, character styles), too; I  certainly
dont object to  getting mail  with multiple  fonts.  I'ld  love it, if I
could just read the stuff!

These messages come complete with suggestive headers like
CHARACTER-TYPE-MAPPINGS: and FONTS:, so it looks like the info is there;
its just that my machines dont do the appropriate thing with it.  I read
my mail on a lispm,  but (as some of you  may recall)  my mail gets to
me through a rather circuitous route, forwarded by vaxen and so forth.

I seem to remember a zwei function or command that would re-interpret
the epsilons but I cant find it anymore; maybe it was just a rel. 6 (5?)

So the Question: Does anybody know how to tell my zmail to pay attention to
the type-mappings info and interpret the epsilons automatically?
Or failing that, when I copy code from a message, is there a command in
zmacs to convert it?