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My God ... Its full of epsilons!

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Subject: My God ... Its full of epsilons! 
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    Subject: My God ... Its full of epsilons!
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    Mabry's message w/code reminded me of something thats been bugging me
    and I haven't looked terribly hard for a solution.  It's nothing wrong
    with Mabry or Mabry's code, its just
     `My god...Its full of epsilons!!'

    Hey, I'm a real fan of fonts (ahem, character styles), too; I  certainly
    dont object to  getting mail  with multiple  fonts.  I'ld  love it, if I
    could just read the stuff!
    Or failing that, when I copy code from a message, is there a command in
    zmacs to convert it?


So, about 6-12 months ago, I tried to get this solved by Symbolics customer service.
(i.e. the same thing happens here, and its a real pain in the but.)

Their "great" solution was some code that stripped out the epsilon information.  Big wow,
a couple of string replaces does that for me.  Anyway, I gave up on tring to get the solution
at that point because it seemed obvious that they understood the problem, but it looked like no one there
was really interested in solving it.  So, if anyone has the real solution,  (i.e. making use of the font information
in the header, and then reparsing the buffer, removing the epsilons while changing the character styles
back to what they should be.) I'd sure be interested.