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My God ... Its full of epsilons!

    Date: Fri,  1 Sep 89 19:42:07 EDT
    From: MILLER@vax.cam.nist.gov

    These messages come complete with suggestive headers like
    CHARACTER-TYPE-MAPPINGS: and FONTS:, so it looks like the info is there;
    its just that my machines dont do the appropriate thing with it.  I read
    my mail on a lispm,  but (as some of you  may recall)  my mail gets to
    me through a rather circuitous route, forwarded by vaxen and so forth.

If the Character-type-mappings: header line is in the header, Zmail
should process the epsilons in the body.  Is one of the intermediate
mailers screwing up your headers?  I've seen some situations where the
intermediate mailer creates a new header, moving the original header
into the message body, and this could easily confuse Zmail.

Maybe you should complain to the people whose mailer is screwing around
with the headers?