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    Date: Fri, 1 Sep 89 15:14 EDT
    From:     tmitchel@vax.bbn.com (Tom Mitchell)

    Can someone try this on their machine?

    (dw:menu-choose '(apple pear orange)
		    :prompt `(:string "Choose a Type of Fruit"
			      :character-style (:dutch :bold :large)))

    I get "Choose a Type of Fru" as the title on the menu when I do it
    on my machine.  Is it me or something I've done, or is it a BUG?
    If it's a bug, can it be fixed real soon?  My users won't understand
    menus with partial titles.

    (I know I can use a smaller font, but the users have complained
     that things are hard to read, so we're going big and bold.)

Try using the option :minimum-width.

(dw:menu-choose '(apple pear orange)
                :prompt `(:string "Choose a Type of Fruit"
	        :character-style (:dutch :bold :large))
                :minimum-width 250)