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Epsilons update (short)

I receive all my mail on a Vax (my Lisp machines aren't on the Internet),
so when messages come in repleat with font information it is _very_ hard
to read.  I also have to look at all that header information (usually about
a page for internet messages).  It is true that each time a vax forwards
a message it inserts a To:, From:, Subject:, and blank line as a header, 
followed by the "text" of whatever is forwarded -- which generally includes
what was header in the original message.  

Would it be possible to catch your messages and just discard the Vax header
if it comes from your own account?  That would allow you to go one header
back -- that is, like it was never forwarded.  You could still receive
Dec-style mail without it being too messed up, too.

Bryan Walls