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ACCEPT question

	Does anybody know of a way to use ACCEPT where it won't take
textual input, just mouse gestures?  I have an interface where 1 pane
will be used for graphical icons bound to flavor instances.  The problem
is that if you type while this interface is exposed the output goes to the
pane running ACCEPT.  I cannot seem to disable this.  I've tried using a
define-presentation-type where the :parser would be a readline-no-echo and
any kbd input would just get discarded but this fails with a message about
the pane (or any other window I have tried so far including the listener) does
not accept :input-wait messages.  So far my other experiments with disabling 
kbd input when the interface is exposed have come to nought, sometimes disastrously.
I am trying to create an interface with just icons and graphics and all user 
operations are done thru the icons, no typing needed or wanted due to the target
users of this system.

					-- Jim